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Headed by a dynamic mother-and-daughter duo, D&T Property Development strives to create beautiful, effective and sustainable living and working spaces for Londoners. Each and every one of our members is a certified expert, with long years of experience in their respective field, and together, we work towards bringing your dreams to life.


We love London, and we love what we do. D&T Property Development began as a passion project of ours, originally intended to breathe a bit more life into the increasingly duller living and working spaces that surround most people today. We have chosen to focus on projects in areas where our efforts are guaranteed to enhance the local community, bring about new investment opportunities and drive strategic growth.


Sustainability stands at the very core of our philosophy. We are thoroughly dedicated to designing and developing projects that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, we make sure that the environmental impact of each site is closely monitored and kept well-within the advised limits. We work towards creating for a greener, safer and healthier future – both for the UK and for the world at large!


Backed up by long years of experience in the field, we, at D&T Property Development, have the knowledge and expertise required to discover and deliver successful investment opportunities.


We take what we do very seriously and approach each and every project with the utmost professionalism and integrity.


We strive for a balanced portfolio, incorporating a variety of short, medium and long-term investments, ensuring that our clients can benefit from optimal returns and value increases, all the while maintaining the crucial balance between risk and return.

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